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Komuso Ryu

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Kuji Kiri


Kuji Kiri


The spiritual practices of the Ninja who employ them to aid in the mission, help those whom they will and enrich there personal experience of life on Earth. Kuji Kiri is an art with roots in Zen, Shinto, Buddhism, tantra and Taoist alchemy and sorcery. Kuji Kiri is divided into two sub forms, those being Jaho and Kobudera. Jaho is positive in nature and focuses mainly on the protection of the ninja as well as aiding the ninja in the expansion of his strengths and the elimination of his weaknesses. Kobudera is seen by most as being negative in nature, having as its focus the removal of the ninja’s targets and the further empowerment of the ninja at his enemy’s expense. Kuji Kiri is a large part of the Komuso expression of the Silent Way and it serves as one half of the overall path of the Komuso ninja. Kuji Kiri is usually the first thing learned in formal training although all nine ways are touched on repeatedly throughout the process.      



"Between knowledge and power, rests truth."