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Komuso Ryu

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The 9 Ways


The nine ways:


The way of the fox: The philosophy of the ryu comprising its ethics, mythic symbols, its cosmology and prism on the world outside the society of the ryu.


The way of the Viper: The props and tools of ritual that enforce the paradigm of the ryu that are further used to cause change in the world of the masses and empower the members of the ryu. The viper is part of the teaching of Jaho the constructive aspect of Ninja Magick as well as the destructive aspect called Kobudera. Each tool is a symbol for an aspect of the self and in so empowering the tool the ninja empowers himself.


The way of the Raven: The rituals used by the ninja to tap into his own power, project that power into the world as spells and tap the universal mind in order to locate others for various reasons or to learn from the universe its self as perceived through the paradigm of the ryu. Like the way of the viper the way of the raven teaches aspects of both Jaho and Kobudera.


The way of the Bat: Body control composed of, basic unarmed combat and movement as meditation.


The way of the scorpion: The knowledge and application of the underlying elemental energies of all things as well as how to use said energies to create pressure points for healing or non healing purposes along with how to use the same energies of the living planet to empower one’s self or weaken an enemy. This way has both Jaho and kobudera applications.


The way of the Tiger: The art of war in three aspects, psychological warfare, unarmed combat, and armed combat. Beyond the three main areas of warfare are the sub disciplines of inpo or infiltration and tonpo or escape.


The way of the Cobra: The art of manipulation in three aspects, information gathering, disguise and social control.


The way of the Dragon: The etiquette of the ryu and the general society of the Ninja as a whole. This includes the ritual of initiation into the ryu, the chain of command and guidelines for passing on the way to others as well as the formal rituals of the ryu that enforce the reality matrix of the ryu.


The way of the moon: Details of the warrior’s quest in cross cultural terms and where it is evolving toward in the future, the ninja’s profession and how it may be applied in modern terms and the way of the ninja as one’s life path.



  It is of import to note that Nin Do or the way of stealth is divided into two hemispheres, one being Kuji Kiri aka Ninja Magick and the other being Ninjitsu or the methods of the Ninja both of which are taught throughout the nine ways of the Silent Way. It must be further noted that each ninja will decide which of his skills he will use openly, these skills fall under the category of Yonin or sunlit secret and which he will employ solely on a mission while acting as an agent in the field, these skills are under the category of Innin or shadow secret.



"Between knowledge and power, rests truth."