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Komuso Ryu

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The way of the Ninja has its roots in the primal past of Asia and no one can say what school came before any other for sure. The way of stealth is a body of knowledge and the ryu of the ninja are schools of thought based on expressing that knowledge as the members of the ryu perceive it. Many ryu were and are linked to families with common goals and out looks called clans, these clans may encompass many schools of not only Ninja but Samurai as well with regard to the wealthier clans. Two famous or infamous Ninja clans were the Iga and Koga, this site is devoted to one ryu of the present day Koga Clan; the Komuso Ryu. The Komuso School finds its roots in the wandering street magician tradition that began during the warring states era of China. Many of the sleight of hand skills and rituals employed by these “vagabond” sorcerers when they were brought into Japan found a home among the Ninja. The Ninja were and are a class of warriors with a wide scope of skills, some martial while others are of a more esoteric nature. The martial skills made the ninja much sought after assassins while the esoteric gave rise to the myth that the Ninja are the spawn of those demons called Tengu in Japan and Lin Kuei in China. It is this image, the sorcerer-assassin that the modern Komuso Ryu seeks to embody and make use of in these post modern times. For now the world is in need of shadows to do what those in the light dare not do in order to preserve the harmony of the community as defined by the people of said community.


 With Islamic fascists and rabid left wing forces attempting to shape the masses to suit them by any means necessary what recourse have those who wish to simply live in peace as they feel is in harmony with the concept of the universe they have invested in but to took to the shadows for an avenger? We the Komuso Ninja offer what we have learned in the crucible of training under the fire of trial to those who wish to learn so that true peace, one that can not be attacked by zealots of any type nor sued by the ACLU will come about in our world, the path to real peace is skill in war. We are here as we have always been, training, teaching; helping those whom we can as best we are able with the skills we have honed. This modern incarnation of the Komuso Ryu began with one of students of the Grand Master of the present day Koga Clan known to the world as Ashida Kim, T. Broussard.


Author of Ninja Magick and the forth coming Revelations of the Black Lotus came into contact with the lore of Komuso Ninja while training under Grand Master Kim.  It was the komuso’s emphasis on spiritual power mastering the flesh that enabled T. Broussard to overcome his body’s limits as was needed for him to make his dream of being a ninja a reality as well as granting him a more normal life than is ordinarily afforded to one with a disability.    



"Between knowledge and power, rests truth."