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Komuso Ryu

Services offered:


While the dark times are supposedly passed away and the ninja no longer for hire, the night is always with us. We of the Komuso Ryu in keeping with the Koga Clan’s teachings of being of service to the community we find ourselves in do offer the following services to the public:


  1. Training: We are not a secret society; rather we are a society with secrets. These secrets we are willing to share with those who are earnestly willing to learn and abide by our code.


  1. Security and threat assessment: Who better to assess threat and act as security than those who are able to by pass security in most circumstances and are a greater threat to the enemies of freedom than those enemies could be to the freedom they so revile?


  1. Ritual skills: The Komuso Ryu has a long tradition of employing its spiritual skills on behalf of others. We stand ready to aid you with such tools as Taoist amulets and the rituals needed to promote harmony in all spheres. In like manner we are equipped to remove malicious energy from homes, people and objects as well as bless homes or aid restless souls in finding peace.


  1. Corporate skills: Given that we live in this post modern era and that companies have become empires the doing of business has become an arena of war. Let Us aid you where we can applying the art of war to commerce in an effort to reveal the traps and snares set by those who do not act for the good of all but rather are driven by greed and seek to rule through the power that money or wealth is a symbol of. Business is war and to prevail one must come to terms with that reality.


  1. Have Flute Staff will travel: Feel the need for the skills of a ninja? Do you desire a seminar on the Silent Way in your area? For these and other reasons the Komuso Ryu will send agents to those who have good cause and sincere desire for our aid.           

"Between knowledge and power, rests truth."